TrueCut Motion:
Perfecting Every Scene,
On Every Screen

What is TrueCut Motion?

TrueCut Motion is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the film industry by introducing "Motion Grading."

Uniquely, TrueCut Motion allows for all the advantages of high frame rate, while retaining the cinematic 24fps look. Beyond this, the platform includes motion grading tools for adjusting judder, shutter angle and speed ramps, shot by shot, in post. The platform works with both theatrical and home entertainment releases and offers a certification program for consumer electronics brands such as TV makers and next generation headsets.

Explainer and Tools

Cinematic HFR

TrueCut Motion
Tools Demonstration

TrueCut Motion
Virtual Shutter Demonstration

TrueCut Motion Benefits

Theatrical and Home Entertainment Versatility

Compatible with both theatrical releases and home entertainment formats, broadening its application.

Scene-by-Scene Customization

Allows for precise motion adjustments in each scene, ensuring every moment is visually perfect.

Seamless High Frame Rate Integration

Combines high frame rate benefits with a traditional 24fps cinematic look, offering the best of both worlds.

Elevated Big Screen Appearances

Unlocks a new level of cinematic experience on big screens, delivering uncompromised motion quality.

Accurate Home Delivery

Ensures that viewers at home see exactly what the director approved, without the need for adjustments.

Award-Winning Motion Grading Tools

Offers a virtual camera for fine-tuning shutter, judder, and frame rate look, enhancing post-production flexibility.

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